Ricky Williams starts brand of marijuana-based products

Former NFL running back Ricky Williams announced Tuesday that he is going into the marijuana business.

Williams has founded a new line of cannabis-based products called “Real Wellness by Ricky Williams” that also feature herbal extracts like lavender and turmeric, according to the company’s web site. The site describes its products as “a unique line of herbal-based wellness products that can be incorporated into daily routines.”

“Through our carefully chosen delivery methods of salves, tonics and vape cartridges, our products empower our clientele to harness the positive effects of herbs like cannabis in a more conscious and controlled way,” the company web site reads.

Williams, 40, was suspended multiple times during his NFL career for marijuana use but has spoken repeatedly about the drug’s benefits.

“It’s easier on your liver,” he told USA TODAY Sports in 2014. “It doesn’t cut your awareness off from your body, the way most pain medications do. It actually increases awareness of your body. So for instance when I played and I smoked, my body would relax and I’d go in the room and stretch a little bit and do some yoga. And relaxing would help my body recover faster.”

Here are the details of the deal, according to multiple reports: Bridgewater has a non-guaranteed base salary of $5 million for 2018 and could make up to $9 million more in incentives. He received a $500,000 signing bonus and stands to get a $500,000 workout bonus. The maximum value of the contract is $15 million.

If Bridgewater stays through training camp and doesn’t pan out, the Jets can Top Cheap Jerseys move on after spending only $1 million on him: the signing bonus and the workout bonus. So it’s Vancouver Canucks Cheap Jerseys a low-risk deal for a team that already has a quarterback in Josh McCown and is looking to draft another with the No. 3 pick next month.

But if Bridgewater stays healthy, plays well and becomes the starter, he stands to make a huge sum of money. So the deal allows Bridgewater to bet on himself and show where he stands as he tries to start the second chapter of his career.

Chargers apply franchise tag to pass rusher Melvin Ingram

Several NFL teams were hoping to go after Melvin Ingram in free agency.

The Chargers negated that option Monday by applying the franchise tag to their fifth-year pass rusher, the team announced.

While Ingram, a first-round pick of the Chargers in 2012, won’t be hitting the free agent market, he will get paid handsomely in 2017.

The woman, identified as juror 13, told Judge Jeffrey Locke that her only knowledge of Hernandez came from a conversation she overhead co-workers having about Deflategate about a year ago.

That, understandably, made Hernandez and his defense team laugh.

“Deflategate has nothing to do with this case at all,” Locke told her.

The juror said she realized that, but insisted, “That’s what they (her co-workers) were talking about.”

She was dismissed before lunch.

After the break, a juror told Locke that another juror brought up Hernandez’s 2015 conviction for killing Odin Lloyd. Locke instructed the jurors not to discuss any facets of the current case.

Asked by Locke if his judgment would be influenced by the knowledge that Hernandez had been convicted of a separate murder, the man responded, “I would hope not, but I couldn’t say Vancouver Canucks Cheap Jerseys for sure.”