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‘Jeopardy!’ contestant loses everything on NBA mascot clue, and that’s just fine

OK, let’s get this out of the way before we go anywhere else. Making fun of a “Jeopardy!” contestant for whiffing on a clue you find obvious is stupid. This happens a great deal with sports clues because often sports fans can’t believe you don’t know something about or don’t have an interest in watching men and women throw some sort of ball toward some sort of target.

“We didn’t compete, were weren’t ready, it’s a shame for our team,” he said, via LakersNation.com. “We are young and all the young guys are playing and we should all be happy to be on the court. We should compete every second out there and we obviously didn’t do that tonight. We should be Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys ashamed. Next game we should go Cheap NFL Jerseys Embroidered as hard as we can to correct this game.”

Coach Luke Walton appeared to have the same takeaway from the loss, saying, “Young guys aren’t supposed to get tired, they’re supposed to be thrilled to be out there, that’s the disheartening part.”

With the season pretty much lost, Los Angeles has been giving guys like Zubac more minutes. But considering Walton’s criticism of the younger group’s effort, the coach might end up changing his mind and giving his regular players their minutes back.

More than anything, health may decide whether the Cavs attempt to chase the Celtics down to the final regular-season game or accept a lower seed. Lue has stated in the past health is the top priority, even going so far as to say it’s “crossed my mind” to rest stars regardless of how that may affect Cleveland in the standings.