What will the Cowboys do with Dez Bryant?

With Allen Hurns in, some believe Dez Bryant will soon be out.

Executives with other teams are now monitoring the situation in Dallas in order to see whether the Cowboys will cut the veteran receiver. Due to make $12.5 million in 2018, Bryant no longer is regarded as someone who will earn that type of salary via his performance.

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That sounds like an awfully bad contract: If you’re going to pay a guy $22.5 million for one year, you want that player to be a major piece of a Super Bowl contender. Pierre-Paul was good but not great last year, and the Giants went 3-13.

But by trading Pierre-Paul today, the Giants picked up a third-round draft pick from the Buccaneers. That’s an important asset, one that will bring a young, inexpensive player to the Giants to replace the older, expensive Pierre-Paul.

Is a third-round pick worth $22.5 million? Probably not. But that the Giants were able to get something of value in a trade for Pierre-Paul indicates that the contract wasn’t as bad as it might have looked.

Whatever the outcome, it’s looking less and less likely that the Cowboys will be paying Bryant $12.5 million this year.

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