Report: Roger Goodell, Pete Carroll to Be Deposed by Colin Kaepernick’s Lawyers

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll will reportedly be deposed by Colin Kaepernick’s legal team later this month.

According to the Washington Post’s Rick Maese, Kaepernick’s legal representative are “expected to meet” with Goodell as part of the collusion grievance against the league’s owners. 

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“It’s ridiculous,” Sherman told USA Today. “Like telling a driver if you touch the lane lines, you’re getting a ticket. [It’s] gonna lead to more lower-extremity injuries.”

Norman agreed.

“I don’t know how you’re going to play the game,” he said. “If your helmet comes in contact? How are you going to avoid that if you’re in the trenches and hit a running back, facemask to facemask and accidentally graze the helmet? It’s obviously going to happen. So, I don’t know even what that definition looks like.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell promised today that the league will spend the coming months educating players on how the new rule will be enforced. The league has a lot of work to Cheap Queensland Reds Jerseys do, as players are currently in the dark about this new rule that is supposed to protect them from injuries.

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