I’ve heard people ask why players don’t complain about Thanksgiving games?

Removing games is a nonstarter. As much as the players complain about these games, especially as the season gets longer, there’s too much money involved to let this package go.

In 2016, CBS and NBC each agreed to pay roughly $450 million a year for the Thursday package. That works out to $45 million per game and a total of $900 million over the life of the two-year deal. Unless players and owners are prepared to have smaller paychecks, these games Basketball Jerseys Custom aren’t likely to go away.

For starters, Thanksgiving games are part of the fabric and culture of the NFL. The games have been a showcase for the NFL in front of a national TV audience.

For the teams, it was viewed as a mini bye week and an advantage for the home team, which is why former Dallas Cowboys president Tex Schramm fought for the Cowboys to join the Lions in being the featured team on Thanksgiving starting in 1966.

We can all look back to childhood memories of Turkey Day football in the yard while the bird is cooking, then coming inside to grub on turkey and watch some football. It’s synonymous with Thanksgiving. That is why players enjoy playing on Thanksgiving. It’s not looked upon as a regular Thursday night game.

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