Tony Romo needs to anticipate the dangers of being a know-it-all

Tony Romo was sensational in his broadcast debut for CBS Sports on Sunday, calling out plays in the Raiders-Titans game before they happened and demonstrating a nice on-air chemistry with play-by-play partner Jim Nantz.

But the clairvoyance that made the rookie NFL broadcaster sound so impressive could also cause him, and CBS, problems down the line.

The recently retired Cowboys quarterback predicted runs to the left and right, safety blitzes, play-calling and fourth-down strategy. It was uncanny.

McManus’ main worry now is Cowboys owner Jerry Jones trying to lure his surrogate son back to Dallas if Romo’s successor, Dak Prescott, gets hurt.

Romo showed the kind of strategic insight that could make him a great analyst. Don’t forget he’s being tutored by Nantz, one of the all-time greats who’s personally invested in his friend succeeding.

But if Romo lets the positive headlines go to his head and decides to be the Swami of game broadcasting, he could learn that nobody really knows the NFL that well.

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