Serge Ibaka responds to claims that he’s older than his listed age

Serge Ibaka could play for his third different team in a year after he was traded by the Thunder in the summer of 2016, and then sent to the Raptors at the trade deadline. He’s an unrestricted free agent now, but teams are questioning his value after he wasn’t able to boost the Raptors into Eastern Conference contention. That’s fair. But teams are also questioning the 27-year-old’s age. That isn’t.

As uncomfortable as it is to say that, the league, not the league office, teams, believe that [Serge Ibaka] is older than his listed age. Whether he is or not, and what are the ethical issues of saying that, I don’t know, but it affects the free agency market for him.”
These rumors have followed a number of international NBA players including most recently, Thon Maker.

“Every time I’m on the field, it’s just a part of my thought process. I’m a Mack Truck running through whoever is in front of me.”

Mack took the premise to his agent, and the iconic trucking brand was receptive to the idea.

“Obviously we share the same name, but what really drew us to him, based on what we had heard, was that we seemed to share the same fundamentally American values of hard work, family, honesty and humility,” John Walsh, Mack’s vice president of global marketing and brand management, told ESPN business bloviator Darren Rovell.

Sadly, the Raider linebacker’s deal likely means Falcons’ center Alex Mack’s chances at landing a deal with the company have run out.

Mack isn’t the only player to earn some sponsorship money thanks to his name. 2017 Cowboys draftee Taco Charlton signed with Taco Bueno and Big Red soda earlier this year. Broncos tight Cheap Kids Jerseys NHL end Cheap Jerseys Youth NFL Jake Butt did the only reasonable thing and landed a deal with Charmin toilet paper.

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