Trade James Paxton for all the prospects before he breaks

“I still love the A’s, they were the first team to give me an opportunity to play in the big leagues. I love Oakland all the time.”
He also specifically pointed out his love for A’s manager Bob Melvin, saying “he’s the best manager for me so far,” at which Melvin said:

“I know he enjoyed his time with us. We had good teams and a great clubhouse — which he was the center of. It doesn’t surprise me he’d want to come back.”
Whether that was a pointed dig at Terry Collins or not, his reluctance to speak to New York media has been well documented at this point and some fans are pointing to this interview as yet another example of him spurning the city he actually plays for in favor of other reporters and press.

Cespedes is signed through 2020 with the Mets, when he’ll be on the cusp of turning 35 at the end of that season, a prime opportunity to jump back to Oakland to reunite with his former club.

But his comments, as New York prepares to embark on a full-on fire sale before the trade deadline, are timed just suspiciously enough that some Mets fans are taking his intent more directly than he may have meant.

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Wait, that’s not nice. Dial it back a bit.

There we go. And this seems unfair because I loved their creative approach to filling out a rotation on a budget. Marco Gonzales and Erasmo Ramirez were both fine additions for a team that didn’t have a ton of prospect capital to spend, and I applaud them for this.

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