Dean would love to come back to America and return to the big leagues.

He also considers it fortunate that his interpreter is available at any time, day or night, and can be called upon to assist in any situation where the language barrier may be an issue.

Dean would love to come back to America and return to the big leagues. He hopes a good showing in the KBO will earn him that opportunity and bring him closer to home. And while Good Quality Cheap Jerseys he knows getting that opportunity is not guaranteed, should he find himself playing for an MLB club in the future, he’ll have deeper appreciation for the struggles his international teammates face on a daily basis.

“After having this experience, it definitely makes me appreciate and understand the guys that I played with from other countries that came to America,” Dean said. “Not just with the language, but Green Bay Packer Cheap Jerseys with their lifestyle as well.”

Where they stand: The Braves are probably better than most experts thought they’d be. They’ve survived an injury to Freddie Freeman, made a shrewd trade to replace him in the lineup, and have managed to play close to .500 ball while ranking in the middle of the pack league-wide in most hitting and pitching categories. In short, they’ve been a nice surprise.

Are they contenders? Also in short, no. The Braves have been mentioned in a few trade rumors, but the players they’ve been rumored to have interest in (Chris Archer, Jose Quintana) are young, controllable pitchers who could help them down the line rather than just this year. The Braves may have a bright future, but they’re not good enough to catch the Nationals this year and there are too many teams ahead of them in the Wild Card race to make much noise.

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