The conclusion has already been drawn. T

I’m of two minds. The first one is logical and reasonable. The Mets have been bitten by the injury bug early and often, yes, because that’s the chair that is pulled out from under baseball teams when the music stops. It doesn’t have to mean anything. They might be weird when it comes to playing short-handed instead of putting hurt players on the DL. It always seems like there’s a predictable progression with the Mets that begins with “John Pitch has a little elbow tenderness, but he’s not expected to miss a start,” and ends with “The ashes of John Pitch’s elbow were shot into space on Saturday, in a ceremony attended by Pitch, who is just a head on a wagon now, and his family.”

But it’s not like they found their medical director at Hollywood Upstairs Medical College and hired him because he would work for under-the-table cash. He’s wildly respected. If you want proof, here you go:

The conclusion has already been drawn. That George will leave Indiana is already determined, so now everything he does, good or bad, becomes a premise for this impending departure.

If he says that his teammates need to be better, whether emotionally Cheap Bike Jerseys or in terms of production, it’s evidence that he sees himself as above them or that he’s throwing them under the bus. He’s also been criticized in the past for not being vocal enough, which at that point meant that he didn’t care. If he plays out of his mind to try and steal a game from the Cavaliers, and somehow the Pacers still lose, then his performance becomes just an audition for his future teams.

No matter what he does, it is twisted into the worst assumptions about his intent.

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