Seattle startup’s ‘breakthrough’ helmet to get NFL tryout this year

Seattle-based startup Vicis’ “breakthrough” football helmet, designed in an effort to reduce head trauma, will get a tryout this season in the NFL, according to

The Zero1 helmet — officially approved late last year by the national committee that judges equipment safety, paving the way for its use in the NFL and NCAA — features an impact-absorbing core covered in a pliable outer layer, all to cushion the player’s head from violent, potentially concussion-inducing impact.

Not inconsequential: The helmets look like the ones it would replace, most made by Riddell and Schutt.

Here’s how Vicis describes the Zero1:

Manfred said earlier this month MLB is actively “reexamining” its hard stance on sports gambling, despite historical dark clouds for the sport from high-profile betting scandals.

The progressive remarks are in stark contrast to predecessor Bud Selig, who said four years ago MLB would “never have a franchise in Las Vegas.”

If that’s the direction baseball chooses, it would join a movement thrust into the mainstream by NBA commissioner Adam Silver in calling for the regulation of a multibillion dollar industry that operates largely unchecked. The financial impact of legalized sports betting could mean millions, if not billions, of dollars in new revenue possibilities for the leagues.

Tony Clark, chief of the MLB players’ association, seems to be aligned with Manfred’s viewpoint on the matter.

“We’re very interested to see if the longtime historical position of our Cheap Jerseys Hockey industry is changing,” Clark said over the weekend.

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