Kupp sounds like he’s roaring to get going.

There’s a lot of good FCS football, and EWU’s one of its best programs. Kupp was its best receiver for four years. There are receivers in the league now (Pierre Garcon, Tyrell Williams, and more) and in the past (some guy named Jerry Rice) who didn’t play top-division ball.

But it wasn’t a draft plus.

“People wanna know about it,” Kupp said. “They wanna know what I think about it. I don’t know if it really matters what I think about it. But I think regardless of what I was able to do, regardless of whatever you did, regardless of whatever I was able to produce, even against FBS teams, I don’t think it would’ve changed a whole lot, in terms of people are always gonna have that question of, ‘Well, you played in the FCS.’”

“What I’m excited about is getting to a team, knowing where I’m gonna be at, knowing the players and coaches I’m gonna be around, and being able to go out and be the best player I can be and produce for a city and for a team,” Kupp said before his draft night. “I believe, regardless, I can be a Hall of Fame player, and that’s what I’m excited to be. That’s not gonna change just because I played at a small school.”

But it was those 15 years in the Hub where Pierce is best remembered. It was a time that began under tumultuous circumstances and remained that way for a decade. So many things happened between the time he was drafted in 1997 and the moment when Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen made the Celtics relevant again. There was Rick Pitino and Antoine Walker. There was a stabbing. There was Jim O’Brien and a Fashion Online Shop Cheap Jerseys frosty early relationship with Doc Rivers. There was bubbling trade talk and frustration.

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